Halloween and Bringing Joy to Others

Happy Halloween everybody! I could have used it being on a weekend, but I guess I’ll have to settle for waiting for next year. Spoilers on this post: Halloween is not actually my favorite holiday (heartbreaking, I know). But instead of explaining why I’m not all that into Halloween, I’d instead like to explain why it makes me happy to see all the people who are into Halloween.

Whether it’s a holiday, a pet, a movie or something else, we all have our favorites. And what’s great about celebrating our favorite things is that there is so much joy involved. Whether it’s the person/thing being celebrated itself or just people who are connected or involved, it’s fun to see people get excited and happy about things. Which directly impacts, and often improves, my mental health.

It’s not a surprise that living with depression and anxiety, it can be hard to find pockets of happiness in our daily lives. They can happen here and there, but there isn’t a measure of consistency or expectation that you know something or someone can make you happy. Recently though, I’ve come to appreciate how much it boosts my mood to see other people experience joy. I think I notice it now because it didn’t always boost my mood; often, I would see people being happy and get angry or upset that they were allowed to feel that way while I was struggling constantly.

I think what changed was how I viewed seeing other people being happy and began looking at this situation in a positive way. Seeing other people being happy, joyful and everything else shows me what is possible and gives me a goal to work towards. Everyone has their mental ups and downs, and if seeing someone on a mental high can help me during a mental low, I’m all for it. But that’s difficult to do if we can’t get out of our own heads, and even though that might a struggle it’s often worth it.

So grab those costumes and get into the spirit if that’s what you’re into! Do what you can to bring your joy into the world, because you never know who you’re lifting up in the process.


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