Mental Health Awareness Month 2021

It’s May, which means that it’s another big month for mental health! May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States, an annual event that raises national awareness for mental health. While mental health awareness happens year-round, this month is a time for specific conversations about shrinking the mental health stigma and advocating for the mental health policies and services that people need. Different organizations will have various themes, and this month is a good time for the mental health community to come together and advocate for what we ALL need to maintain mental wellness. Here are a few campaigns to keep an eye on this month!

You Are Not Alone

This year, the National Alliance on Mental Illness decided to stick with the same theme as last year, continuing to share the message that You Are Not Alone in an effort to focus on connecting with others and sharing our mental health experiences. By sharing resources and encouraging people to share their stories, they’re continuing to spread awareness by helping people feel less alone in their struggle. The fact is, one in five adults in America experience mental illness every year, and campaigns like NAMI’s highlight this community to bring us together.

Tools 2 Thrive

Like NAMI, Mental Health America is continuing its theme for last year, Tools 2 Thrive, sharing information that provides practical tools and resources for people living with and experiencing mental illness. In particular, this year’s toolkit includes information specifically about: adapting after trauma and stress; dealing with anger and frustration; getting out of thinking traps; processing big changes; taking time for yourself; and radical acceptance. Using the backdrop of the pandemic to encourage a larger focus on mental health, each one of us could learn a new tool or way to manage mental illness.

This Month on My Brain’s Not Broken

As for the blog, I’m hoping for a month of sharing resources, information and people’s experiences about mental health and living with mental illness. I’ll also be introducing an Instagram Live series for later this month that will focus on sharing experiences, shrinking the stigma, and spreading mental health awareness. If there’s any specific posts/content you’d like to see, please let me know!

Mental Health Awareness Month once again takes place with the backdrop of a pandemic, and I’m hoping to focus a little on how the pandemic is affecting our mental health – what this past year has done, where we are now, and how we can move forward to grow/maintain mental wellness for the duration of this pandemic. I’m looking forward to learning from many amazing sources this month and share what I’m learning with you all. I see this month as a foot in the door for others to start long-term conversations about mental health and wellness. As a mental health community, we are stronger together, and this month helps build strength and confidence to share the message all year round.


7 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness Month 2021

  1. Jim Donathan May 4, 2021 / 10:36 am

    Good morning, Nathan. Thanks for these helpful resources. I hope May is a great month for you.

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    • Nathan @ MBNB May 4, 2021 / 8:12 pm

      Thanks, Jim! I hope it’s a good month for you, too! 😃


  2. May 5, 2021 / 3:09 pm

    Thank you for this post Nathan, and I hope people will get involved in Mental Health Awareness. I think lots of people have been affected by the pandemic; feeling Blah or languishing (which could lead to more severe mental illness).

    I think anyone who’s been feeling that way will realise how difficult it is for others who are already struggling with a mental illness. I’m hoping people will find it less difficult to open up and talk about mental health, and how it can happen to anyone.

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    • Nathan @ MBNB May 10, 2021 / 9:18 am

      I’m hoping people will find it less difficult as well – a lot of us are feeling the same way now, and we should be talking about it more!

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