Advice If You’re Feeling Lonely

It’s a hard time, it’s a dark time, it’s a strange time, it’s a weird time. I feel like I can’t write any new post for the foreseeable future without addressing that, but it still feels weird to say. On top of people having anxiety over the situation and having to deal with figuring out how to stay at home, plenty of people are feeling lonelier than ever at this time. Part of that is obviously being at home (stay inside if you can, friends!) but part of that is not being able to see who we want to see in person.

Whether you’re in quarantine with your family, housemates, roommates or significant others, there’s a big chunk of your social interaction that’s not fully accessible. Don’t get me wrong, video chat is incredible beyond belief right now, but that doesn’t always stop people from feeling lonely. And if you’re not used to feeling this lonely on a consistent basis, it can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t be afraid to feel lonely right now. Most of us do. We have people, activities, places, all sorts of things that we miss right now. And not being able to see those people or go to those places might overload us with lonely feelings. And I would tell you that it’s okay to feel lonely right now – as long as you don’t make it the only thing you think about.

One of the most difficult aspects of depression, especially when you’re going through a tough bout of it, is that you feel lonely all the time. If you’re with people, alone, in your room or out with friends, sometimes you feel like you’re alone because of the pain you feel and you think no one knows what you’re going through. But if you talk to someone else with depression, you find comfort in knowing that there’s someone else who can understand your experience. And I think that’s where we can all benefit right now.

Even though so many of us feel lonely right now, we still might be afraid to reach out to tell anyone because we’re scared they won’t understand. And while I don’t think that should stop anyone from reaching out (maybe I’ll post on that next week!), it’s easier for people when they know that someone will empathize with their situation. They might even be having a similar experience, especially with all that’s happening now.

I say all this speaking from experience and having to reach out to other people myself. It isn’t always easy and I’ll be honest, sometimes you don’t get the reaction you want. But it’s much more common that you chose to tell that person for a reason, and their response is helpful in ways you might not expect. And if you aren’t the one feeling lonely right now, I hope you also have the courage to check in on people who might be feeling that way. You never know who you could be helping at a time like this.



7 thoughts on “Advice If You’re Feeling Lonely

  1. Lovely post Nathan, with great tips to help with loneliness. You can be lonely even in others’ company.and as it doesn’t look this is going to end any time soon, you might want to reach out to people you know will support you and validate any anxieties you might be having.

    Stay safe and well.

    Caz x

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    • Nate S. April 2, 2020 / 7:35 pm

      Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m fortunate to have people that support how I’m feeling and validate my anxieties – they almost expect to hear from me that this point! Hope you have people to talk with too.

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      • I’m very fortunate with my small group of family and friends that I can share with. I was a mental health nurse for many years so I have a great ‘toolbox’ of skills and knowledge, which helps — sometimes 🙂

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  2. dcmori April 2, 2020 / 4:17 pm

    Reaching out to you in this time! Thank you for your encouragement and same to you. We are all learning how to cope. Keep writing & healthy!

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    • Nate S. April 2, 2020 / 7:36 pm

      Ah thank you so much! We need to encourage each other at a time like this. Wishing you all the best in the weeks and months ahead!

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  3. Ivan April 16, 2020 / 6:26 pm

    This time is very difficult to carry, especially for people who suffer from different disorders such as depression. In my case it becomes more difficult every day. Luckily you find publications like yours that help a lot and you realize that you are not alone, and also in my opinion there are treatments that truly manage to end all this, and that is what I am willing to do. Thanks for sharing!

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