Becoming a Mental Health Advocate

One of my favorite things in the world is writing about mental health. In the two and a half years since I started this blog, a lot has happened. I started writing this because I felt that I was finally in a place where I was comfortable enough to share my experience living with anxiety and depression. And while I’ve had my ups and downs, I’ve continued to grow as a writer, person and mental health advocate. Which leads me to the fun news that I’m here to share!

My Brain’s Not Broken helps me learn and connect with the mental health community in ways I could’ve never imagined. Fellow bloggers have provided incredible examples on their own sites. I’ve spoken with people who have shown strength and courage in sharing their own stories. I’ve realized that so much of our shame about what we’re facing is because we think we’re alone but also, because we think wrong for it. That there’s something inherently wrong about ourselves if we face mental health obstacles. In case you haven’t heard it today, it’s okay not to be okay. And that shift in perspective can make all the difference.

This leads me to my next bit of news that I am over the moon about! I’m excited to share that I’m partnering with Rethink Mental Health Incorporated to be a Mental Health Advocate! Rethink is a non-profit organization that works to “eliminate the stigmatization of people suffering with mental illness, especially children and young adults.” They do this mainly through advocacy and education, which offer unique ways to share mental health resources. The education includes a Stigma Quiz as well as a  unique social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum. Advocacy includes taking a pledge, a Wall of Fame, and, you guessed it, Mental Health Advocates!

As an Advocate, I’m joining a group of people who are passionate about mental health and eliminating the stigma of mental illness. Across social media, the online world and the real one, we share a mission with Rethink to help people speak more openly about what they are experiencing and seek help without the fear of judgment, discrimination or harassment. I’m excited to get to work, and I think it’s wonderful that this is happening during Mental Health Awareness Month!

I hope you can visit the site and check it out. I have been working to grow in this way for a long time, which is why I’m so excited about this opportunity. The experience is already giving me the courage to speak up even more, not just as a blogger, but as a real advocate for mental health. And don’t worry friends, the blog isn’t changing in any way – you’re still going to get the same #premiumcontent on mental health as much as I possibly can. We’re just getting started over here, and I’m excited to share this journey with you all!

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