Every Day Is a Good Day to Talk About Mental Health

I’ll be honest – I write and talk about a mental health a lot, but I know conversations around mental health aren’t always easy. They can be awkward or uncomfortable, and sometimes it might feel like they don’t go anywhere. But even though those interactions might be hard or feel pointless, there’s nothing further from the truth. Mental health matters every single day, and here’s why.

During Mental Health Awareness Month, it might feel like you see a new post or have a new conversation about mental health every single day. And while it is encouraging in the moment, that doesn’t always extend past the month. I know that mental health isn’t a daily conversation for most people, but that isn’t the argument I want to make today. Instead, I want to say that every day is a good day to talk about mental health because it’s happening to us every single day – whether we know it or not.

To build on this point, mental health is health. And our health impacts us every day. And if you think about it, we do things to take care of our health in so many ways on a daily basis. We eat food that nourishes us, we drink water to stay hydrated, we take medicine when we’re not well and we exercise to maintain our health. So why can’t we treat mental health the exact same way?

The answer is, we can – we just might not know how. But that’s why having conversations and talking about mental health. The more I’ve learned about mental health, the more I’ve been able to connect it to other aspects of my life. Which means that instead of isolated conversations about my depression or anxiety, I’m having conversations around physical exercise, therapy, meditation, personal growth – tangible things that can (and do) happen in anyone’s lives.

Every day is a suitable day to talk about our mental health, hear about other people’s experiences or learn something new about mental wellness. It might not always happen or be something we have to do, but it is if we need it. Mental health matters every single day, and the more we respect that, the more we can change the way we talk about it.

Do you think that we can always talk about mental health in our daily lives? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments!


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