A Little Bit of Crowdsourcing

On this blog, I feel like I’ve done a good job of telling a bit of my story and my experience living with mental illness. It is something I will continue to do, and I’m excited about some of the upcoming content I’m prepping, but I come to you today with a different question in mind.

While the blog has grown steadily in the two years I’ve been doing this, coming up with content has been hard to come by every now and then. Since I am only limited to my own perspective, there’s only so much I can talk about in the mental health community. One thing that has been super helpful is reading some of the blogs and websites of the WordPress community – you all are so great for seeing what fresh, innovative ideas are being introduced!

But I do want to include more perspectives and points of view on this blog, and I’m asking for your help on ways to do that. Maybe some of the answers are obvious and I’m not seeing them, but I really want this blog to continue to grow and improve and while I have some ideas, I would love to know what works for you! Whether it’s guest posts or cool content ideas, I’m all ears when it comes to trying something new. I have been really encouraged about blogging in the mental health community and I want to continue to do so. I think with a little bit of help and seeing things from a new point of view would do wonders to improve the experience.

On the flip side, I’d also love to share what’s worked for me these past few years so if anyone has any questions I’d love to get some dialogue going! Hit me up in the comments.


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