We’re Heading Into Winter

So it’s October! While September is a little less in your face about it being fall, by the time we reach October people are pretty much in full-on Jack Skellington mode or sending Dwight Schrute’s pumpkin head to their friends. But for me, October can signal a lot of changes – the most important one being that summer is over, and this year it’s especially important to me.

See, I’m usually not a ‘summer’ person, but this summer was especially good for me because I created new habits. I picked up running, I started eating way healthier, I started sleeping better and being a little more high-functioning despite my mental health conditions. Overall, it was a good time to try to establish healthy new patterns for the life I want to live.

Don’t get me wrong, I still had (and do have) my bad days here and there. Work got a little stressful, I made some life decisions and of course, my depression and anxiety reared their ugly heads from time to time. But overall, it was nice to make room for healthier aspects of my lifestyle. Which makes me worried for the winter months ahead.

When winter comes, so does less daylight. Less daylight means less time outside, and I don’t yet know how that will affect me. I’m not the biggest ‘nature’ person in the world, but I LOVE being outdoors. I love the way I feel when I’m outside and the weather is nice and I can just put on some music or a podcast and walk around for a while. And that will change during the winter.

I don’t think the weather affects my mood much. I’ve never thought about season affective disorder, or even having a mood about the weather beyond being annoyed or frustrated at the moment. But maybe it does. Maybe it has a bigger effect on my mood than I know?

I know I won’t be able to go for the runs that I’ve accustomed to doing after work a few times every week – something I’ve really come to look forward to. And while I’m okay with not having that for a little bit, will that affect the other habits I’ve picked up? Will I start to revert back to the old habits I had that I hated?

The trouble is, there is no precedent for this. I’ve never been this good about establishing healthy habits at any point in my adult life. So I’m nervous. But with those nerves comes hope that learning these healthy habits has impacted me and will continue to impact me going forward. The only thing I can do is try so I may as well give it a shot, right?

How do you maintain newly-formed habits? Do changes in season affect you? This is all so new to me, I want to hear from you about it!



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