Trying New Things

When I first started My Brain’s Not Broken, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. I was a few months into my first full-time job, and I wanted to share what it was like to be an adult who was trying to figure out depression and anxiety while also trying to figure out post-grad life. In the years since, this blog has transformed into a place where I’ve learned so much about mental health and wellness. And that’s why, for the past few months, I’ve been trying to think of ways that I could build this blog as a space that’s bigger than my own mental health journey – and that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

In the coming days/weeks (depending on when I can get around to finishing it), I’m hoping to tweak the look of My Brain’s Not Broken just a little bit. One of the biggest updates will be an updated home page that should make it a little easier for new visitors to understand what the blog is and what it’s about. I would love feedback on this once it’s up, as I’m still new to web design!

I am also working on a new project that will co-exist with the blog, but will give me the chance to share more personal stories and even non-mental health related content (more on this in my next post!).

But the point of each of these things is to build up My Brain’s Not Broken for a few long-term goals of mine: 1) to use my story and experience to build myself up as a mental health advocate and activist, and 2) to build an online community and larger space for people to be open and honest about mental health, mental illness and mental wellness.

I don’t quite know what this second part will look like, but I’ve recently learned that I would love to try and create a space where people can go when they feel alone. I’ve reflected a lot on how alone I felt in some of my worst years of living with depression and anxiety, and I never felt like I had a place I could go where I didn’t have to explain or define what I was feeling – where I could just be; where I could exist and matter and that was enough.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey! I’ll provide more information in the weeks and months ahead, but I think that joining in community with others is the next step for me as a mental health advocate. We all have stories and experiences to share, and I hope I can play a small part in creating that space for those who might need it.


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