I’m Changing Things Up This Week – Here’s Why

*Deep breath*

*One more deep breath*

*A final deep breath to calm the nerves*

Okay. As we continue on with what feels like the longest week ever (a reminder to maintain your mental wellness and self-care this week!), I started thinking about how I could cope with the uncertainty going on right now. Many people have activities they turn to or know exactly what to do when they’re trying to distract themselves or find a way to make the time pass. For some, sticking to a schedule is the best way to deal with uncertainty going on around them. If that works for you, that’s awesome, and I urge you to continue doing what you need to be functioning and effective. But I’d like to encourage you all today to being open to mixing up your schedule every so often – and this week might be the best time to do it.

Before I go further, I do want to mention that schedules are extremely important in many aspects of life and offer plenty of value. They help me keep up with work, my personal life, my friendships and relationships and most importantly, my mental health. This post isn’t about eschewing your schedule, but just switching things up every now and then because there might a nice surprise that boosts your mood. Like many people yesterday, I was on edge, so my girlfriend suggested going for a walk. Just like that, my schedule looked a little different than usual. On our walk, I remembered that a food stand near us might be open, and when we checked they were, so we had lunch in an open space nearby.

If you don’t think there’s anything spectacular about that story I apologize, but I promise it’ll bring me to my point. Even if it’s something as simple as going on a walk, being open to something that’s impromptu allowed me to boost my energy level a bit and improve my mental wellness in a way that sticking to my schedule just wasn’t getting done. And this walk turned into also eating at a place I love that I hadn’t been to in months – a nice surprise I definitely wasn’t expecting. Did I need to plan to do something spur-of-the-moment? I don’t think so. But I needed to be open to it. I needed to give myself an opportunity for something good to happen.

Sometimes, you have to force a change in schedule to mix things up. People schedule a lot of things in life, and depending on your personality, you might even schedule a change in your schedule. But for those who might need a different approach, start smaller. Don’t pressure yourself to change things up immediately; instead, start by just being open to something happening. Once you’re open to something, you might feel more confidence making decisions on a case-by-case basis, because not every idea is a good one. But every so often, something pleasant can happen that you didn’t expect, and sometimes it comes when you need it most.


4 thoughts on “I’m Changing Things Up This Week – Here’s Why

  1. quietpersonloudthoughts November 9, 2020 / 6:42 am

    I like this idea – I am a meticulous planner and I love the process of planning things, and if I think about doing things spontaneously then I definitely do kind of ‘plan’ to do something impromptu, as you said. Trying to be open to the idea instead is a great suggestion, it sounds more freeing – let’s see how it goes!

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